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Governor Signs Local Government Consolidation Commission Into Law

By Joe McCoy, Legislative Director

Governor Quinn signed HB 268 into law as P.A. 97-0316. The new law creates a seventeen-member commission to "make a survey of the entire structure of local governments and of their organization, powers, jurisdictions, and functions." The Commission is tasked with three primary responsibilities. These responsibilities are to:

  1. Study all laws governing the organization, powers, jurisdiction, and functions of local governments.
  2. Study the inter-relationships of local governments to each other and to federal and State governments.
  3. Formulate specific recommendations for legislation or constitutional amendments to (i) permit effective management of local affairs, (ii) encourage local policy decision making, (iii) reduce the multiplicity of local governments, (iv) eliminate overlapping and duplicating of unnecessary powers, (v) increase efficiency and economy in local governments, and (vi) allow optional forms of local governments and increase their authority for cooperation among the levels of government.
HB 268 was one of two bills and a resolution that were introduced during the 2011 spring legislative session that had as their intent the streamlining of local governments. The other two failed to gain passage.