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News Items of Municipal Interest for January 29, 2015
Published from Resources on Thursday January 29, 2015  Updated on January 29, 2015 @ 01:10 PM
Learn what's happening throughout the state and country by checking out todays complation of news items that may be of interest to Illinois municipalities, including local, county & regional, state, national, and legal news, as well as editorials and opinions. Stay tuned for updates throughout the day. More

Governor Rauner PowerPoint on "The Illinois Turnaround"
Published from Legislative on Wednesday January 28, 2015
Governor Bruce Rauner has been traveling the state to present a PowerPoint entitled, "The Illinois Turnaround." The slides from the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here. More

Legal Bulletin for January 27, 2014
Published from Resources on Tuesday January 27, 2015
The Legal Bulletin for January 27, 2015 has been posted on the IML website. In this issue are summaries related to the First Amendment with billboards and signs and public employees; other public employment issues relating to the ADA, the FLSA, and suspensions; gun control issues under the Second Amendment; and a Supreme Court decision under the Telecommunications Act. More

State Journal-Register: Rauner Previews 1st-Year Priorities: Cut Taxes, Medicaid
Published from Legislative on Friday January 23, 2015
Governor Bruce Rauner on Thursday began laying out priorities for his first year in office, saying property taxes and workers' compensation costs are too high, Medicaid spending is unsustainable, and state workers' salaries and benefits are too generous. More

Illinois Supreme Court Denies All Amicus Briefs in Pension Case
Published from Legal on Thursday January 22, 2015
The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled denying all amicus briefs, including IML, and denying plaintiffs' request for an extension of time in filing their brief. More

Daily Herald: Griffin - Municipal Retirees' Insurance Cost Taxpayers Millions
Published from Resources on Wednesday January 21, 2015
Jake Griffin of the Daily Herald reports that than 2,100 former employees in 57 suburbs cost taxpayers almost $16.5 million in health insurance costs last year. And experts expect that figure to keep rising as more municipal employees head into retirement before they are eligible for Medicare at age 65. But even then, Medicare eligibility only reduces the municipal burden, rather than putting an end to it. More

State Journal-Register: State Goes After Unpaid Sales Taxes
Published from Legislative on Wednesday January 21, 2015
The Springfield State-Journal-Register reports that new rules took effect on January 1 that expand the definition of out-of-state sellers that must register in Illinois and collect sales taxes. But the head of a California marketing group that successfully challenged the old state law said the revised rules have the same issues of vagueness and violations of federal law. More

NLC President Responds to State of the Union Speech
Published from Legislative on Wednesday January 21, 2015
NLC President and Mayor of Salt Lake City Ralph Becker provided a response to President Obama's "State of the Union" speech on Tuesday, January 20. President Becker's remarks include a call for passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act, approval of a long-term surface transporation funding bill, and the preservation of the tax-exemption for municipal bonds. More

How Will the Income Tax Rate Decline Impact Cities?
Published from Legislative on Friday December 12, 2014
The state income tax rates are set to begin declining in 2015. Fortunately, this decline will not result in any notable reduction of LGDF payments to cities, villages, and towns. More

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